NKFH, a FICCI initiative is a collaborative framework of Academia and Industry,¬†focusing on multiple disciplines and sectors. The aim is to create a knowledge network of leading universities and companies with tier II and tier III institutions and local small and medium industry with the primary objective of providing professional exposure and confidence to fresh graduates through involvement with real life industrial activities. Leading companies and academic institutions in a region will come together as a “Hub” to facilitate mutually beneficial linkages. The “Hub” will create and sustain a network of “Spokes” with other companies and institutes in the region. Further, each Hub could also draw strength by collaborating with leading Foreign Universities and Companies for sharing of best practices in academic programs and collaborative industry research. NKFH is based on the premise that the key driver of high-technology growth is knowledge, wherein wealth is created through development of innovative products. Academia being the main generator of knowledge and manpower, need to work in tandem with the industry, which puts the knowledge as well as the manpower to use.

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